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Comprehensive Utility Locating Services in Mackay and Central Queensland

Navigate the complexities of underground utilities with confidence. At Hydrotek Leak Solutions, we offer state-of-the-art utility locating services, ensuring the safety and success of your construction or renovation projects. Partnering with Before You Dig Australia, we provide unparalleled accuracy in identifying, marking, and mapping underground utilities.


Utility Locating: Your Trusted Partner in Safe Digging
and Construction

Navigating the complex web of underground utilities can be a daunting task, but not when you have Hydrotek Leak Solutions by your side. As the leading utility locating experts in Mackay and Central Queensland, we specialise in accurately identifying and mapping underground utilities such as water, power, gas, telecommunications, sewer, and stormwater lines.


Your Questions Answered: FAQs on Utility Locating

Have questions about utility locating? Our FAQ section covers everything from what to do before starting earthworks for a home addition to how to locate power supplies between your house and shed. We also discuss locating plastic water pipes and identifying sewer and stormwater lines around your property. Partnering with Before You Dig Australia, we ensure that all your utility locating needs are met with precision and safety.


Dive into our FAQs to get all your questions answered.


Collaborating with BYDA for Safe and Accurate
Utility Locating

Safety and precision are non-negotiables in utility locating. That's why we at Hydrotek Leak Solutions are proud partners with Before You Dig Australia (BYDA). Our collaboration ensures that your construction or renovation projects are executed with the highest levels of safety and accuracy. 

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