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Home Leak Detection Guide: Identifying & Addressing Leaks with Expertise


Experiencing unexpected water issues at home? Hydrotek Leak Solutions is here to guide you. As the leading leak detection experts in Mackay and Central Queensland, we believe in empowering homeowners with the right advice even before our services begin.

Received a Leak Notification from the Council? What's Next?

Receiving a notification from the council about a potential leak can be alarming. What might start as a minor 5 litres per hour can escalate to over 25 litres in a short span. But don't panic; we're here to guide you.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you identify potential leaks in your home before you call the experts in:

Initial Checks:

Begin by inspecting common water usage points around your home.


Toilets often become the usual suspects due to faulty seals in the cistern, leading to visible leaks in the bowl.

Additionally, ensure your dishwasher, washing machine, and hot water system are functioning without any drips.


If any tap is dripping and can't be shut off, it's time to call a plumber.

Irrigation Systems:

Your outdoor irrigation system can also be a culprit.


Examine solenoids, valves, and connections to the main water supply.


Over time, these components can wear out and become leak sources."

Yard Inspection:

Notice any damp patches in your yard?


It's a clear sign of a potential leak. However, refrain from using heavy machinery to investigate.


There are underground utilities that can be damaged. Instead, consult 'Before You Dig Australia' or consider our specialised utility locating services at Hydrotek Leak Solutions to ensure safe digging.

Call the Experts:

If you've exhausted all DIY methods and the leak remains elusive, it's time to call in the professionals.


At Hydrotek Leak Solutions, we pride ourselves on pinpoint accuracy and cost-effective solutions.


Our commitment is to identify the leak and provide the right advice the first time, ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

Leaks can be daunting, but with the right guidance and expertise, they can be addressed efficiently.


Trust in Hydrotek Leak Solutions for all your home leak detection needs in Mackay and Central Queensland.

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