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Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Pool Leaks and Repairs

Why Is My Swimming Pool Losing Water Despite Multiple Inspections?

Pool leaks can be elusive. With over a decade of experience in leak detection, Hydrotek Leak Solutions specializes in identifying even the most challenging swimming pool leaks. We offer comprehensive leak testing and often provide same-day repair solutions. Contact us to resolve your pool leak issues effectively.

What Should I Do If My Pool Pump Loses Suction with the Cleaner Attached?

Suction issues could be due to a variety of factors, including faulty vacuum plates, o-rings, or even a blocked filter. If you've checked these and still face issues, it's time to consult a professional. Reach out to Hydrotek Leak Solutions for expert diagnosis and resolution.

Why Are Bubbles Appearing in My Pool's Return Jets?

Bubbles in return jets could indicate a minor o-ring issue or a more serious pipe leak. If you've inspected and tightened all visible components without success, it may be time for a professional evaluation. Contact Hydrotek Leak Solutions for accurate diagnosis and repair.

Is a Swimming Pool Covered Under a General Building and Pest Inspection When Buying a House?

Typically, no. Standard building and pest inspections often overlook swimming pools. That's why we offer specialised Pre-Purchase Pool Inspections to give you peace of mind when buying a property with a pool. Our decade-long experience in leak detection enables us to identify potential issues that others might miss.

My Pool Pump Keeps Pulling in Air Despite Replacing O-Rings. What Should I Do?

Persistent air intake issues could indicate a deeper problem, such as underground pipe cracks or partial blockages causing cavitation. If you've exhausted all surface-level checks, it's time for a professional evaluation. Contact Hydrotek Leak Solutions for a comprehensive diagnosis and solution.

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