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FAQs for Utility Locating

What should I do before starting earthworks for an addition to my house?

Before commencing any earthworks, it's crucial to identify underground utilities. Hydrotek Leak Solutions, in partnership with Before You Dig Australia, provides comprehensive utility locating services to ensure a safe excavation process.

How can I locate the power supply between my house and my shed?

Hydrotek Leak Solutions specialises in locating power supplies and other utilities. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can accurately identify the location of your power lines, ensuring you can dig safely.

I have a plastic water pipe that needs locating. Can you help?

Absolutely! Hydrotek Leak Solutions employs advanced technology to locate even hard-to-find plastic water pipes. Our utility locating services are designed for precision and safety.

How can I locate the sewer and stormwater lines around my house?

Hydrotek Leak Solutions offers specialised utility locating services that can accurately identify the location of sewer, stormwater, and drainage lines around your property. Our partnership with Before You Dig Australia ensures that all utility locating is done to the highest safety standards.

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